Curricular Structure


  1. → Ecological approach to human development  (M/D)
  2.  Education as a pedagogical proposal (M/D)

  3.  Socio-historical approach and Environmental Education  (M/D)
  4.  Environment and development from the environmental educator approach (M/D)
  5.  Discourse text analysis (M/D)
  6.  Art and ecology  (M/D)
  7.  The relationship of belonging in the constitution of environmental educators (M/D)
  8.  The three ecologies of Félix Guattari I  (M/D)
  9.  The three ecologies of Félix Guattari II  (M/D)
  10.  Understanding Environmental Legislation for a Transforming Environmental Education  (M/D)
  11.  Curriculum, culture, teaching and Environmental Education   (M/D)
  12.  Dialogues in Environmental Education I  (M/D)
  13.  Dialogues in Environmental Education II  (M/D)
  14.  Environmental Education and complexity  (M/D)
  15.  Environmental Education and historical materialism  (M/D)
  16.  Environmental and Community Education  (M/D)
  17.  Marine Environmental Education  (M)
  18.  Environmental Education in formal education  (M/D)
  19.  Environmental Education, cultures and post-structural studies  (M/D)
  20.  Student Teaching II  (D)
  21.  Student Teaching I (D)
  22.  Student Teaching  (M)
  23.  Advanced studies  (D)
  24.  Individual studies (M/D) - MANDATORY
  25.  Ethics   (M/D) 
  26.  Philosophy of Environmental Education  (M/D)
  27.  Fundamentals of System Ecologies   (M/D)
  28.  Hermeneutics of Environmental Education  (M/D)
  29.  Research methodology in Education   (M/D)
  30.  Environmental Education public policies  (M/D)
  31.  Principles of Environmental Education  (M/D)
  32.   Dissertation Seminar (M) - MANDATORY
  33.  Thesis Seminar  (D) - MANDATORY
  34.  Sociology and environmental dialectics  (M/D)